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Terms & Conditions

  • Some items are non-standard stock items and exclusive to online purchases. It may take up to 21 days for delivery but we will strive to get the product delivered as soon as possible. If we or the supplier are out of stock, we will contact you as soon as possible with a estimated time of delivery

  • Delivery can only take place once full payment has been received

    • For EFTs, please send proof of payment to

  • No refunds on incorrect ordered products

  • No refunds on gas

  • Additional handling fees may be charged if incorrect cylinder size has been ordered

  • Product warranties are only available on positive proof of purchase. All handling fees related to warranty claims are for your own account.

  • COC will be required for any warranty claim for a fixed installation item 

  • Gas will only be delivered in Johannesburg North, Midrand and Pretoria: 

    • Correct shipping region must be selected as additional cost will be charged to you if address differs from selection.

    • The driver will wait ten (10) full minutes to be allowed entry, if he returns with your product, we will be forced to double or add R50.00 delivery fee.

  • Please make sure someone is home for delivery, otherwise stock will be returned, and only be delivered when in your area again. We will charge an additional delivery fee.

  • We do not take responsibility for incorrect ordered item and no refunds or exchanges.

Thank you for your support!

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